YDEF Shape of Training response

Written by Amar Puttanna on 10 April 2015. Modified on 10 April 2015. Hits: 4295

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The YDEF represent D&E trainees on the British Medical Association Multi-Speciality Working Group. In 2012 Sir David Greenaway, Professor of Economics, was appointed chair of the independent Shape of Training Review. This expert advisory group were tasked with reforming the structure of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK  . 

After correctly identifying the challenges in providing health care for an ageing and diverse population, the 2013 final report focused on the need for 'broad-based training' and 'generalists'. In the revised pathway specialty training would last only 4 to 6 years and be divided into themes such as women's health or mental health.  

The YDEF attended a meeting chaired by the BMA where various specialties were represented and the pros and cons were debated. The general consensus was that quality specialist training was required to produce skilled, safe consultant physicians. Shortening and generalising the entire training programme seemed counterintuitive. In a letter to Dr Dan Poulter, MP, 15 specialty training groups called for further evidence to support any reform. This sentiment was supported by regulatory policy and research consultant, Jennifer Oates, Mental Health Act Commissioner with the CQC;

'Evidence to support particular changes or developments in postgraduate medical education is not entirely robust, as there is high reliance on opinion surveys and on presentation of particular cases...Any changes made to doctors' training should be accompanied by a programme of research into the impact and effectiveness of these changes' 

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