HbA1c in the diagnosis of diabetes: Pitfalls

Written by Jyothis George on 06 April 2012. Modified on 23 April 2012. Hits: 6361

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Reliance on HbA1c as the sole, or even preferred, criterion for the diagnosis of diabetes creates the potential for systematic error and misclassification - says this review in JCEM,

The review article goes on to say that a “rule-in, rule-out” approach to HbA1c testing may be most appropriate for the diagnosis of diabetes" (as suggested previously by the ABCD). The authors recommend using glucose criteria to confirm or exclude diabetes in the context of intermediate levels of HbA1c and using HbA1c thresholds lower and higher than suggested by the ADA for ruling out or ruling in diabetes permits one to triage patients for further glucose testing.

Read the article here

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