YDEF day 2014 talks

Written by Ali Chakera on 18 March 2014. Modified on 14 April 2014. Hits: 4095

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Thanks to all those that came and took part in the YDEF day 2014 in Liverpool. A special thanks goes to the speakers without which we would not be able to run the day. This year we are lucky to have a handful of the presentations from the day to download.

Click on the links to open the talks.

Morning session:

Sally Marshall's talk on CKD in diabetes

Cheryl Lenny's talk highlighting what Diabetes UK can offer Health Professionals



Paul Grant's talk on management and leadership

Helena Gleenson's talk on the importance of transitional care in diabetes and endocrinology and the HEADSS pyschosocial tool that is mentioned in the talk.



Frank Joseph's debate against the use of telemedicine

Shanti Vijayaraghavan's debate for the use of telemedicine



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