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Written by Jyothis George on 26 February 2012. Modified on 13 August 2013. Hits: 13489

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Every young diabetologist should join the YD[E]F.  It provides friendly support, really good educational meetings, additional training opportunities, and encouragement for future consultant diabetologists.  YD[E]F are also good fun to be with!  I wish YD[E]F well in the future. 

Rowan Hillson, National Clinical Director for Diabetes

The YD[E]F exemplifies all that is best amongst our young diabetologists in training. They have taken the initiative, set up their own group & provided excellent and relevant courses and meetings for their members. I am greatly impressed by their energy and initiative. Long may they continue! 

George Alberti, Chairman, Diabetes UK

The YD[E]F is an impressive organisation that fills a vital gap for SpRs in diabetes by offering them high-quality training opportunities, such as the OCDEM/YD[E]F State of the Art Course held each year in Oxford. The YD[E]F also provides a central voice for SpRs that is a powerful source of advocacy for their career interests. 

Rury Holman, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, Oxford

The strength of the YD[E]F lies in its inclusivity amongst trainees in diabetes and endocrinology, and its cohesion serves to drive upwards the standards of training and patient management.. 

Simon Aylwin, Society for Endocrinology lead on education

Having been involved at the conception of the YD[E]F some years ago, I am delighted and impressed to see how well it has flourished. Reflecting on this I believe that a key to its continued success was the decision to place the organization and leadership entirely in the hands of the SpRs. This leadership has been outstanding. They have introduced new and relevant educational courses, an excellent and very active web site, and audits relevant to trainees. Their relationship with other organisations including ABCD, DiabetesUK and the pharmaceutical industry has been exemplary. The YD[E]F held in very high regard and as such is a powerful voice for SpR training in diabetes.. 

Gerry Rayman, National Inpatient Diabetes Lead, NHS Diabetes

The YD[E]F plays a pivotal role in the development of the diabetes community by complementing training provided by the NHS, regular meetings are well attended as are the wide variety of training courses. 

Mark Savage, Joint British Diabetes Societies

The YD[E]F has grown at an amazing rate over recent years and offers real added value to SpR's in diabetes with an impressive portfolio of high quality teaching and training opportunities. The organising committee are to be congratulated on their achievements. 

Melanie Davies, Professor of Diabetic Medicine, Leicester

The YD[E]F increasingly show us all how a clinical and educational meeting should be structured and organised. 

Mark Strachan, Clinical Lead, Edinburgh

YD[E]F Scotland provides an excellent forum for trainees to share experiences and develop innovative ways of delivering quality diabetes care in Scotland. 

Donald Pearson, Professor of Diabetes, Aberdeen

In a very short time YD[E]F has established itself as an organisation to which all trainees in Endocrinology and Diabetes should belong. It costs nothing to join, provides excellent education  and also gives its members a chance to shape the future of training. 

Patrick Bell, Secretary, Specialist Advisory Committee, JRCPTB

The YD[E]F is a very important part of the diabetes training jigsaw. It tackles the training needs of trainees in diabetes that are not addressed by the formal curriculum, or large multi-disciplinary meetings. As the agenda is set by trainees themselves it is vibrant and lively. As a speaker, it is always a delight to be asked to present at a YDF meeting. 

Miles Fisher, Medical Director and Professor, Glasgow

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